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Originally we started development of our trading platform for traditional markets in 2016. It took us quite a long time to build a solid code base and robust trading application. Markets are not just about buying, selling or holding, there is a lot more to it. A trading platform needs to have much more than a basic functionality such as viewing the chart and being able to buy and sell. FinStudio covers all areas traders need during their trading. 

As we created all core functionality, now we will concentrate more on connecting different providers and expanding platform functionality. As we are watching blockchain and cryptocurrencies markets, we see big potential and space to go wild. 

We integrated Binance in 2019 and it took us again some time to modify the application to support additional instrument types to fully support cryptocurrencies. This however doesn't end there and we would now like to introduce more cryptocurrency features and modules. Blockchain technology means new frontiers of opportunities, we can do things that we are not able to in other markets. Smart contracts and protocols make the crypto market very interesting as we can achieve things not achievable in any other type of market. 


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