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Trading Platform


Innovative trading platform with advanced functionality suitable for all types of traders. Platform supports multiple markets and multiple instruments so it's an ideal choice for any provider type whether it's broker, fund or exchange. Explore our page to see the platform features and request a demo to see them in action.  


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Applied to Financial Markets and Trading

  • Use machine learning to automatically build profitable trading strategies.
  • No programming experience and skills required to build fully functional automated algo strategy.
  • Analyze strategies quality using correlations, Monte Carlo, VAR and more..
  • Utilize machine learning to find the best optimal portfolio from populated algos.
  • Autotrade strategies or full portfolio.


Historical Data Collection Service

for brokers, exchanges, funds & traders

  • Add connection
  • Configure Feeds & Instruments
  • Choose the data to store
  • Manage and distribute the data

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